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Department of Computing was established May 5, 1993. The original name of the department - Department of Numerical Analysis. The Department received a new name in May 2008. 

Department of Computing is a part of the Division of Computer Technologies and Applied Mathematics, Kuban State University. 

The first chair was Nagorny, S., Ph.D., associate professor whose research interests are focused in the field to create commercial programs based on relational databases ("Accounting" "Accounting for Shareholders"). In the field of ​​classical mathematics scientific work of Nagorny, S. is devoted to the representation group theory  and to numerical methods.

In 2008 Professor Alexander Mikov was elected to be the chair of the department. Professor Mikov's  research interests affect the development and study of mathematical models of computing systems and processes, computer networks, as well as the development of methods for simulation and development of the theory of information systems. 

At the present time, the department has three professors, ten associate professors  and six PhDs  and one of a teacher. 

The department: 

Mikov AIexader – Doctor of Phisical and Mathematical Sciences,  Professor. Mikov AI. is an Academician of International Informatization Academy, member of the Academy of Informatization of Education. 

Glushkov Eugene – Doctor of Phisical and Mathematical Sciences,  Professor. . Glushkov E. is awarded the State Prize of the Russian Federation in science and technology in 2002. Also he is Honorary Worker of Higher Education of Russia and Honored worker of science of the Kuban. 

Lezhnev Victor - Doctor of Phisical and Mathematical Sciences,  Professor. Lezhnev V. is a special Honorary Worker of Higher Education. 

Gortinskaya Victoria. - PhD, associate professor, 

Danilov, Eugene - PhD, associate professor, 

Drobotenko Michael - PhD, associate professor, 

Dunayev Vladislav - PhD 

Lapina Helga - Ph.D., 

Malykhin Konstantin - PhD, associate professor, 

Markovsky  Alexey - PhD 

Nagorny Sergey - PhD, associate professor, 

Chernykh Natalia - PhD, associate professor, 

Golub Michael - PhD 

Fomenko Sergey - PhD 

Doroshenko Helga - Lecturer, 

Eremin Artem - Lecturer, 

Mezenceva  Anastasia - Lecturer, 

Smirnova Maria - Secretary, 

Khramtsova Victoria. - Secretary. 

Department of Computational Technologies is a graduate. Specialized of department is mathematical physics. 

The department provides an educational process at the Faculty of computer science and applied mathematics in four specialties and direction: 

- Applied Mathematics and Computer Science (Specialty, Bachelor, Magistracy(Master)) 

- Software and management information systems (Specialty) 

- Applied informatics (in economics) (Specialty) 

- Mathematical methods in economics (Specialty) 

- Information Technology (Bachelor, Master). 

And also on the geological department in three specialties: 

- Geophysics (Specialty) 

- Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology (Specialty) 

- Geology and Geochemistry of Fossil Fuels (Specialty) 

Currently, the Department offers postgraduate studies in the mechanics of a deformable body (head Prof. Glushkov E.),of  mechanics fluid, gas and plasma (head Prof. Lezhnev V.) and mathematical modeling, numerical methods and programs (Head: Prof. Mikov AI, professor Lezhnev V.). 11 Ph.D.s was protected at the department. 

The main directing of research: 

1. The theoretical basis for the creation of software systems (Professor Mikov Al., Associate Professor Nagorny S.) 

1. The development of languages ​​and software systems modeling, methods of translation. 
2. The theory of distributed software systems and algorithms, complexity of algorithms, information security. 
3.The theory of information systems. 

2. Problem of elasticity theory and computational mechanics (Prof. Glushkov E., Associate Professor Drobotenko M.) 

1. Boundary mixed problems which arise when processes of excitation, distribution and elastic wave's diffraction are modeling. Methods of solution boundary integral equation for this boundary mixed problems and asymptotic methods of analysis of wave fields. 
2. Consolidation of saturated media. Studies correct problems, the construction of numerical methods. 
3. Hydrodynamic problems, potential theory, methods and algorithms for boundary value problems of mathematical physics (Professor Lezhnev V.) Scope: geopotential, hydrodynamics, the compression of digital images. 

Research activities is actively conducted at the department. 
Work on international grant   performed, "Integration of simulation and information systems based on ontologies and multi-domain models" under the guidance of Professor Mikov  AI. in 2008-2009.
In 2004-2008. under the leadership of Professor VG Lezhneva performed RFBR grants "Challenges of parametric programming method to maximize the column and the problem of ecological and economic optimization", "Inverse problems of potential geophysical applications and numerical algorithms", led by Professor E. Glushkov RFBR grants, "Mathematical modeling of wave and energy processes in electromechanical devices with piezoceramic elements," "Propagation of seismic waves in complex structures," "The method of fundamental solutions for the calculation of the dynamic behavior of laminated composites." 
In 2003-2005. Associate Professor S. Nagorno-directed the work on the grant of RFBR "Creating a mathematical model of prediction of avalanches on the basis of time series and neural networks", in 2000-2002. Associate Professor M. Drobotenko supervised research under the grant "Mathematical modeling of transport processes in problems of the environment." 
In previous years, the department also conducted its staff development by grants RFBR, programs of the Ministry of Education. 

AI Mikov is editor regularly published collection of scientific articles, "Mathematics of Program Systems". 

The textbook of Korolev L., Mikov AI. "Informatics. Introduction to Computer Science " was published in 2003 the publisher "High School", admitted the Ministry of Education and Science.

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