Издания и публикации за 2010 год

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Авторы Название публикации/издания Библиографические сведения
1 Glushkov E., Glushkova N., Kvasha O., Kern D., Seemann W. Guided wave generation and sensing in an elastic beam using MFC piezoelectric elements: theory and experiment Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures Vol.21, No.16, SAGE Publications Ltd, London, UK, 2010
2 Glushkov E., Glushkova N., Lammering R., Eremin A., Neumann M. Theoretical and experimental investigations of Lamb waves excitation and their diffraction by surface obstacles Abstracts IV European Conference on Computational Mechanics[Электронный ресурс]/ECCOMAS/Режим доступа: https://www.eccm-2010.org/abstract_pdf/abstract_485.pdf, свободный, ECCOMAS, 2010
3 Glushkov E., Glushkova N., Wauer J. Wave propagation in an elastically supported string with point-wise defects: gap-band and pass-band effects ZAMM - Journal of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics Article first published online: 26 AUG 2010, John Wiley & Sons, Weinheim, Германия, 2010
4 Glushkov E.V., Glushkova N.V., Eremin A.A. Elastodynamic laminate element method for lengthy structures Advances in Boundary Element Techniques: Proceedings of the XI International Conference, EC, Ltd, UK, Eastleigh, England, 2010, p.196-201
5 Glushkov E.V., Glushkova N.V., Golub M.V., Eremin A.A. Trapped-mode, pass- and gap-band effects in waveguides with obstacle Book of abstracts of the International conference “Days on Diffraction 2010”, 2010, p. 34-35
6 Glushkov E.V., Glushkova N.V., Kvasha O.V., Lammering R. Selective Lamb mode excitation by piezoelectric coaxial ring actuators Smart Materials and Structures, Volume 19, Number 3, IOP Publishing, USA, 2010, 11 c.
7 Glushkov E.V., Glushkova N.V., Lammering R., Neumann M., Eremin A.A. Lamb wave excitation, propagation and diffraction in laminate composites with obstacles Abstracts of the International Conference Days on Diffraction 2010, Saint Petersburg, 2010, P. 35-36.
8 Golub M., Bostrom A. Interface damage modelled by spring boundary conditions for in-plane elastic waves Wave Motion In Press Available online 8 October 2010, Elsevier, 2010
9 Golub M.V., Bostrom A. Spring boundary conditions and modeling of 2D wave propagation in composite with imperfect interfaces Abstracts of International conference Days on Diffraction 2010 [Электронный ресурс]/UNIVERSITAS PETROPOLITANA MDCCXXIV/ Режим доступа: http://www.imi.ras.ru/~dd/download/book10.pdf, свободный, UNIVERSITAS PETROPOLITANA MDCCXXIV, St.Petersburg, Russia, 2010, p. 36
10 Golub M.V., Zhang Ch. SH-wave propagation and resonance phenomena in periodic composites with cracks Abstracts IV European Conference on Computational Mechanics[Электронный ресурс]/ECCOMAS/Режим доступа: https://www.eccm-2010.org/abstract_pdf/abstract_451.pdf, свободный, ECCOMAS, Paris, France, 2010
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